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“ Every single Jonker Guitar is individually handcrafted one at the time, with the finest tonewood available. ”


Based in Alkmaar, The Netherlands, I started building guitars in 2014. Curious of how I could influence the sound and characteristics of an instrument. I started by copying the guitar I played at that time. I was blown away by the result of my first builds. And people started to recognize and appreciate my instruments.

That curiosity is still driving me today. I build your custom order or a guitar for my own stock.


To break the daily routine of building acoustic guitars, I now and then built an electric guitar inspired by what music I am listening in the workshop. 

There is no strategy or business plan behind these guitars, it is just the look, the music or the artist that inspired me to built this model. It’s just an inspiration not an exact copy. 

"Unfortunately I can’t keep them all."