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Gotoh tremolo VS100 N HC
Gotoh tremolo VS100 N HC
Gotoh tremolo VS100 N HC
Gotoh tremolo VS100 N HC
Jonker Guitars

Gotoh tremolo VS100 N HC

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  • tremolo Wilkinson type,
  • low profile,
  • pitch 10,8 mm,
  • 2 pivot points,
  • honed chrome

The Gotoh VS100Nis the ultimate in tuning stability. The 2 pivot points offer the best return-to-zero results. After using the fulcrum tremolo, the unit should return in exactly the same position as before to ensure the tuning remains intact. With the two hardened steel knife edge pivot points, the tremolo has least friction and will return to the initial position.
The steel saddles have a screw on top to fixate it after intonation. This is done to ensure that the saddle doesn’t move around. Improved tone and stability are the results.
The tremolo arm in the VS100N is made of stainless steel without plating. The thickness of the plating is very hard to control and can cause a less precise fit. The arm is threaded inside and will match with the thread underneath the baseplate. With this it is possible to set the height of the tremolo arm. A unique and very welcome feature!
There is also a screw at the back of the collar base of the tremolo entry, this is to install the looseness of the arm. Some people prefer the tremolo arm to “fall down” after use so it is out of the way. Some people prefer the arm to stay in position.
The tremolo arm does not have any slackness that more traditional tremolo arms often have. Working the VS100N feels like a dream!